Interactiv Atlas of the Brain Sections and Superficial Structures

The interactive atlas originate with the support project 447/2006 of FRVŠ, in co-operation Department of Anatomy and Department of Radiology of Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Palacký University Olomouc. This atlas is specified for students of Master Degree Programmes General medicine, Dentistry and Kineziology who are learning neuroanatomy. We wanted offer them synopsis of the basic anatomical structures and by studying sectiones facilitate understanding of the space relationships. There is possible to compare anatomical figures with corresponding ones from magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography.
For both English and Latin nomenclature we used Terminologia Anatomica FCAT published by Thieme Stuttgart in 1998.
Anatomical sectiones we prepared in the three basic planes with distance 10 mm according with a MRI and CT. Horizontal plane we derived from the most caudal point of rostrum and splenium of the corpus callosum. There are upper surfaces of the sectiones on the figures. Coronal plane is upright to horizontal one and there are front surfaces on the figures. There are left surfaces on the sagittal planes.
MRI and CT were made on the Department of Radiology. MRI of the brain were made on the Siemens Symphony 1,5 T apparatus. It was use sequence true IR which facilitate accentuate of differences between white and grey matter. Sectiones of the brain have thickness 10 mm, in standart planes: horizontal, coronal and sagittal. CT were made on the GE Hi Speed apparatus with values: 120kV, 110mA, scan 2s. CT are only in transversal - supraorbitomeatal plane, thickness 10 mm, without contrasting matter.
Now only user can assess this program. We invite your comments.
We thank all aur fellow workers for cooperate on programe. Especially for MUDr. Libor Machálek and Jiří Plhák.

Kateřina Kikalová on behalf of authors.

January 2007

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